It all started with realizing I was way too slow when I would draw & paint in high school.

I've always been an artist.  It's in my bloodline.  However, I was always really, really, painfully slow at finishing paintings I would start.  That's when I realized I needed something faster, like photography.

Yes, one might call me a perfectionist.  I'm detail oriented, organized, and always, striving to be my best self for you.   

There's a reason why I'm the way I am.  I know the responsibility I hold capturing your day.  I know that the photographs I take and memories of your day are not just for you, but for future generations.

I know that one day, family members of future generations, people we might never even meet in our lifetime, will pull out a print or album from your wedding.  I personally have a memory box in my closet filled with family photographs, ticket stubs from events, old license plates, and physical mementos from life events where I was lucky enough to spend moments & experiences with my family and friends. Some days I pull out that memory box and have a good cry and feel the deepest gratitude that I was able to share those moments with those people that matter. Every month, I add more photographs to that box by printing photographs from my phone.  Every month.  Memories that made me feel something, that I want to hold in my hand, in print.  Life is all about sharing memories and experiences with each other. After the experiences are over, all we have left is the memories, some mementos, & those photographs. Every time you hold your album, walk past a canvas, you'll feel those moments again. That is why I do what I do. That is my why.  

Her avant garde approach utilizing the couple’s personalities, body language, and how they interact with each other produces the most genuine 

authentic photos you could imagine.



Crafting moments that only ring true to you, your partner, & your relationship.

On the day of your wedding, you can consider me your trusty sidekick.  Never afraid to fix a hair out of place, adjust the dress or suit, and always making sure you look and feel your very best.  Need a moment to breathe and calm your nerves?  Let's breathe together.  Need your family to take a step back for a moment?  I will kindly advocate for you.  

What I'm 


Couples who make their day all about them, disregarding blog posts that tell you what NOT to do at a wedding.  It's your day, the only people who should have a say in it, is both of you.

What I'm 


My previous decade-long teaching career has trained me to anticipate moments at a wedding, commanding a crowd when needed, keeping to a tight schedule, & reading my couple's emotions.

What I'm 

not about

Cookie-cutter photography & safe shots.  I will always head into a wedding with new ideas curated together with each couple, showcasing your relationship & your venue from a unique perspective.

what I


My work is created with a genuine trust between my clients.  Not everyone is the right "fit" for me, just like not every photographer is the right "fit" for you.  When we click together, we can make magic.





"Cait made sure to have my husband and I really soak in the excitement and emotion of the day and be present, which is a very fond memory that I feel when I am swooning over my wedding photos."   

— Sam b., Past bride & venue coordinator 




From our initial consult, to the final gallery, my client experience is what I pride myself on and guarantee for all of my couples.

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